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Oct. 2011
Ο αδελφός μου
Manolis & Gregory Maistrelis
εξάδελφος Γρηγόρης Μαϊστρελης

Ευαγγελοσ Γαβριπλ
Always fun having him around
Fun with the Greek TV reporter
Talking about
"the house of thieves"
Λεωφόρος Βασιλίσσης Σοφίας
Athens, Oct. 2011
Gregory Maistrelis
Maistrellis Office Market
Nikis, Athens
Oct. 2011
Fun at the Meat & Fish Market
10 Armodiou Street
10552 Athens
to much Τσίπουρο
No comment...
October 2011, black period for Greece
More Tsipouro
at Stimagka village
Peloponnesia, Greece
Matina Kourti & Vangelis
at Kourti Vineyard, Stimagka
Excellent wine!
Oct. 2011
Vangelis Tourkolias
Kaliopi's husband
Visiting Kaliopi's Grave

My biological mother
Nice walk at
Πάρκο Δικαστηρίων Athens 11363
Getting busy down-town
demonstrations corner Leoforos Alexandras & Patision
The local Market close to Agiou Charalampous
Margaret, 94 years young!
Sister of my Greek grandfather Pareskevas
Mother of Greogry Maistrelis
Koula, my godmother
She loves to get her picture taken ;-)

Sophia, Koula oldest daughter
Koula's grandchildren
Thanos, Alexi, (Marc), Niko, Hari
Missing Nathaly -->
a bit shy
Jan.5 2007
Petoula & Nick
I mean Penny not Petoula ;-)
My aunt Froso
Kaliopi's sister
Παππούς Τσαμουδακησ
Best of the best!
Manolis & Pareskevas
last one doesn't like this picture published
My godmother

Koula Karalekas
At the Parthenon

Picture Koula
Petoula (she loves picture taking)

youngest daugther of Koula
Husband Nick
Sophia, Koula and the 1st Grandson

Greece |2000|
Greece |2000|
Greece |2000|
Greece |2000|
Greece |2000|


Pim & david

Ferry Venice to Patras
Pim & david

Ferry Venice to Patras
Pim & david

Ferry Venice to Patras
Hot, very hot

Bob, Buell
Hot, ok hot!

Marc, Harley FXDX
Peleponesos |2000|
Bob van Deuveren

Greece 2000
Just fantastic
Marc Vorderman

Greece 2000
Just fantastic
Igoumenista to Kerkyra

Berdy, Dédé, Hanny
David & Marc