Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein
Joris Sparla
Jacqueline Versluis
Suzette van Dam
Marc Vorderman
Martie Jacobs missing

Martie still missing

Tea... what else


getting ready for.....


top class Ballet!

Assemblé en tournant, grand !
Killing service!

Smashing forehand..

(see the ball position)

Battement sur le cou-de-pied, petit
Suus & Jacqueline

best double in the competition..
I think
Joris Sparla

..always in the FAST lane
not sure about this one
something not looking right..
looking mad..

wowowowow this style

ready to kill

eating tennis balls..
..if necessary!
btw: it's me in black

always dancing on court

Virtuoso !!
no interferance allowed

..Black Team!

always in peace on court we go again..
creation of the ballet Swanlake
meaning at ease or leisure

..So much
Battement fondu développé, set and match!
I have mixed feelings about this picture

looks like: Battement frappé
Yes..much better

"tours chaînés déboulés"
..psychological warfare..

at it's best!
Coupé jeté en tournant

..and Martie getting into the picture!

..Her favorite pose..
...looks like...

..can't think of anything..
Yes..much better

Demi-pointes, sur les
This is a smile of a person
who knows that she is going to win

Face, en
...can't get it better
Pirouette piquée
Bang !!!
Gracieux !!


Sauté, sautée !!!!!
Comments thanks to: Ballet Terms A to Z .
As you can see from my comments, I have absolutely no knowledge about Ballet...